Rent Control

Many New York Landlords are price gouging, or charging exorbitant rents “per room” of a house. I would introduce a bill to limit rent landlords can charge to 1½ of what a 30-year mortgage payment would be. For instance, let's consider a 3 bedroom house assessed at $100,000. A monthly 30 year mortgage payment per month at 5% interest with 3% taxes and homeowner's insurance would be about $900. So rent for the house could not exceed $1,350/month.

Obviously downstate realty assessments are through the roof, and my math could not be applied one size fits all. I would reach out to members of the Senate and Assembly in those districts to formulate a plan.

The problem is that rents are out of control and we need to pull back the skyrocketing costs.

Write-in Ron Throop

- for State Senator -

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