Why Do State Senators Get Health Insurance When So Many in the District Will Die Young?

Updated: Oct 12

Painting: “Stroke prevention for the Poor-insured: $2/day For Life. Uninsured: $15/day For Life” 2019. Oil on canvas, 19 x 23 inches

From June 2019 to June 2020, 6600 jobs were lost in the Watertown/Fort Drum area (table 3, NYS DOL press release). Half of working U.S. population has their health care insurance tied to employment.

Therefore about 3300 people in Central 48th District LOST their health insurance during this crisis. Most of the other jobs cut probably never had insurance in the first place.

That‘s the damage a deadly pandemic will do to the health and wellness of an already stressed out population.

The initial damage. It will only get worse.

No work and bad health are not prerequisites for a great society. And then to be forced into stultifying work, grabbing any job out there to pay the bills. The corporate minimum wage jobs without insurance. Now we have an increased population (caste) of desperate people more susceptible to the coronavirus than an at-home State Senator with excellent insurance, access to masks, sanitizer, and home delivery. She is burdened with ZOOM meetings, one after the other, to get through another a hoe-hum day.

I believe no elected representative should suffer less financially than the least of his or her constituents. Not with our tax money.

This is the time to rise above the systems that keep us apart. Your neighbor lost her steady job and insurance. Maybe she recently took a gig job, delivering Senator Ritchie‘s groceries. A single mom, with three middle and high school kids, all uninsured. Dad paid child support until his unemployment ran out. Now he tears his hair out in frustration and rage.

Maybe today Senator Ritchie cancelled her afternoon online meeting with Assemblyman Barclay to get a long awaited teeth cleaning that the State of NY provides for free to the Senator and her staff, the Assemblyman, trooper, SUNY worker, state administrator, state custodian, state educator, etc.

Just not to New York State peasants.

New York Health Act now!


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