Term Limits Now in New York State!

Painting: “The 48th Seems Sooo Topsy-turvy These Days” 2020. Acrylic on paper, 12 x 16"

I am the radical type.

From the Oxford English Dictionary: Radical: (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

Strange that in this day and age, honesty and simplicity in politics would be a radical separation from the norm. I don’t feel radical. Traditional, yes. Fundamental—sure, okay, but not the Jew, Christian or Muslim fundamental type. I’m the new age religious scholar who thinks it more fascinating that the Red Sea experienced some radical climate change when Moses and his slave army came upon a huge field of waving reeds en route to Canaan. Unfortunately they interpreted natural processes as a miracle. They would have thought the internal combustion engine a super miracle too, even if the Egyptians possessed it, and perhaps, just maybe, not have bothered to flee Egypt, at least not before learning what all that Sunday driving fuss was about.

So I am radical, in that I wish to add my character in a “contest” to offer a choice for those who have no voice this November. If I did not volunteer my time and mediocre effort, the 48th District would wastefully administer another unopposed election. Neither Democrats®, independents, non-voters, children, wildlife, house pets nor deceased persons would have representational choice in New York State government.

I offer me as a candidate because no one else is stepping up to the plate.

Likewise, I am very interested in the study of social psychology, and wish to learn a great deal by making myself guinea pig in this political experiment.

Here is another promise, and it relates to term limits, which I strongly suggest we demand from state government:

If elected I shall limit my service to three terms. That is, if the 48th deems me worthy to get re-elected twice.

In an effort to slam the brakes on a system that allows the goodness of public service to become a lifelong career to those who toe the line of corrupt billion dollar party politics, I will use my election and subsequent two year service to advocate for reasonable term limits for state Assembly® and Senate® positions. I would write a bill for a three term limit. 6 years is plenty of time for an elected official to do right by his or her constituents while also retaining a modicum of dignity upon retirement.

By the way, there is no term limit for Governor® in New York. The bill would also include limiting his lord or ladyship to two, four-year residencies.


I believe this promise alone could elect overwhelmingly a candidate to state Senate®. Unless the majority loves state politics as usual, which I know, anecdotally at least, that it does not. In fact, in my lifetime I have never heard a single, non-elected voice state a positive opinion about the state of the state.

Write-in Ron Throop to advocate for term limits!


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