In 2011, Senator Ritchie Voted for Her Church Instead of the 14th Amendment

Painting: “Senator Ritchie Voted Against Gay Marriage in 2011” 2020. Acrylic on panel, 16 x 20"

A secular government strives to include all.

Religion will include if...

That is why we have a 14th Amendment. It took too long and a Civil War, and still did not give the rights of man to women. Nor any black, brown, immigrant, or LGBTQ human beings, though it was supposed to in a just world, which wasn't available in 1868, and still not today. Religion excluded then, and still excludes. That is why it is a group, not a functional nation, thank god.

In 2011 there was an historic vote in the State Senate over the legality of gay marriage. Yes, it was unfortunate for society to wait so long. Patty Ritchie was a junior Senator at the time and voted “Nay” in the chamber.

That vote has not aged well.

If there was one engaged gay couple in the 48th District at the time (and of course there were), then Senator Ritchie discriminated against her own constituents.

Very good Wesleyan Church decision. And great if the United States was a theocracy.

It is not.

Bad decision in a republic. And the opposite of what a Republican used to be.


Write-in Ron Throop and all people shall be treated equal in government and law.


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