Road Trip Through the 48th, and Don't Vote Your Fear

Took a ride with my daughter up to Wellesley Island State Park to hike the Outer Loop trail. Such a pristine waterway, the St. Lawrence. Much cleaner than our southern shoreline in Oswego. Perhaps the brisk current riding the center of Lake Ontario pulls pure Canadian snow melt into our shared river. Clear and clean Lake Superior water following ancient undiluted pathways through Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario to arrive at the river-to-the-sea, pure, with abundance of perch, pike and muskellunge breathing easy like in the old days when Wyandot and the People of the Flint fished these sacred waters.

When I snorkel in Lake Ontario, I get to see invasive zebra mussels and round gobys from Eurasia, deposited by federal capitalism in the late 1980s. The lake I know and love is a low-sodium Dead Sea.

Brought to us by the politics of speed greed.

What a stunning afternoon spent eyeing the Canadian border. High white clouds on the horizon, birds of prey circling above the sweet-smelling pines, a gentle rolling of water in the turquoise shallows. A scene from 10,000 years ago, without the plastic garbage. The President of the Untied States suggested the election should be postponed because he wants to become a tyrant while perverting the beautiful. Fortunately, many of his supporters have died over the past 4 years, or have forgotten their names, and Rupert Murdoch is beginning to see the writing on the wall. He has noticed the precipitous drop in advertising revenue. Nobody wants to buy his Viagra® during a pandemic. TV got spoiled making fake passion erect in yokels and old ass fats who vote bigotry by 7 p.m. and then go to sleep, the end.

Donald Trump is relevant to bigots, the ignorant, single-issue voters, grifters, and old people fearing everything and death. I heard about his “strong man” declaration on the radio while driving home via Route 12 through Clayton, and the open green fields of Big Sky, New York. I turned off the radio and set my course to daydreaming about what is wrong (or right) with politicians and the system that places bad people in power over their neighbors. Trump presses his groin on women against their will. Or is that Joe Biden? And does it matter when Congress and any President vote for a record high military budget during a lethal pandemic? Millions unemployed, millions who have lost their health insurance, millions struggling with food security and rent payments, and those politicians who exist in a socialist society (all government is socialist if paid for by the people), of any city, state, or federal domain. Employees of the people, elected to represent us, continue their arrogant performances as if no killer virus arrived to level the living.

Grocery shelves empty of hand wipes, N95 masks unavailable for kids told to go to school to blow infected snot at their teachers. What political incompetence! How about a billion dollars to Boeing and another god dammed nuclear submarine? “Hey New York, you wanna see what Grecian austerity looks like up close,” asks our political mafia made Governor who names the people’s bridges after his New York corrupt Dad. We could take Mike Bloomberg’s wealth in a day, strip him clean of everything he has sucked from goodness, and toss his old man wrinkle parts into the St. Lawrence to feed the pike.

But we won’t because we are too settled and afraid.

Decorum Ron, remember decorum. No one will vote for a rattled man. Remain pleasant, mow the lawn, pick a bigot politician to identify your politics while Dad’s lungs fill up with water because John Katko and Patty Ritchie are quietly incompetent vanilla fluff butter. If we had local reporters not owned by Big Media in our towns and cities, deeper questions might be asked of their conflicts of interest and corruption. Instead we get obfuscating answers to tough questions like “when is the next pancake breakfast please give me an interview so I can feel relevant in my know-nothing town?” There is not a Democratic Party choice to pick this year for Senator in the 48th District. 5,000 square miles of beautiful ancient land, yet no pick among many potential contenders who play party politics with their stupid mouths, but act like mice sneaking for cheese.

We have no choice. Just another White Party stooge who ran unopposed in the last three election cycles. And Patty Ritchie will win again because we are political ignoramuses.

She will get paid $110,000 per year to bring uninteresting, dead-end jobs to the district. To clutter up these beautiful wide open spaces of private property with a cashier army and maybe enough prison guards to build a city of overeating woe. So much military might and dollar store pornography right up to election night, and another two years of dystopic malfeasance in the beautiful land of the Haudenosaunee and those who came before to not claim it for themselves only. I know that the propertied class will be just fine without more jobs. Those temperamental troglodytes who wear their party and politician like a tractor tire flower bed on the front lawn. Three Dunkin' Donuts in a two-mile radius, brought to you by the trickle down economy and enabled by the politically selfish bullies of want. These people don’t expect honest legislators to represent the uplifting of a depressed senatorial district. They want another lawn ornament. Or a coke party. Or a swimming pool. Or a plastic straw. And Ford 350s with shotgun shells on the dash, and a dead wild deer cause it makes great jerky.

I believe there are some bigots and yahoos in the 48th District who fear fear itself. But I do not think they’re in the majority. Not even close. However, they vote. And their lawn ornament Senator becomes regular like acid indigestion before Jeopardy and Tucker Carlson Tonight. Unfortunately when that lawn ornament runs unopposed in any election, only two or three troglodytes need to show up for a landslide victory.

Patty Ritchie and the Republican Party stoke the flight or fight instinct in those who have the necessities of life, yet are most afraid. They believe some one or some thing is always after their stuff. A poor person, liberals in Washington, a heroin addict, hungry children... I wish our neighbors could see that trickle up economics is a solution, and casting out the corporate model once and for all would do so much good toward healing the afraid. Everything human ugly in the 48th was created by addictions to fear. Politicians like Patty Ritchie will never facilitate paths to equality and happiness, because content populations have no fear and vote for policies to keep society fearless and good. They know that fear votes wrong every time. Do you want a happy land to live in?

Stop running away or putting up your dukes every time you're afraid.

If elected by write-in vote, I promise not to play politics with your trust. But neither will I let you forget that you’re on borrowed time on borrowed land. We can enjoy this paradise together, voting on legislation to supply the necessities of life for every person in our community, or continue with a greedy capitalist agenda to rid our district of reasonable contentment for anyone.

Your choice, but at least a choice, such a rare opportunity these days in the 48th and on planet earth.


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