Resign Sheriff Don Hilton. Your Bigotry is Ugly. And Your Sheriffing Kinda Sucks.

Updated: Aug 23

Painting: “Hey Mike, There Were No Guns in the Steakhouse 5 Minutes Ago. Now There Are 8.” 2018. Acrylic on paper, 22 x 15"

Note: I come from a police family. I knew good cops and heard stories of bad ones. All of you have. We need police. They serve the people. They serve their own interests when they’re corrupted. Even bag boys can be corrupt. We are human all too human. Demilitarization of police departments is what “defunding the police” means. We should never fear our public servants. Oswego County Sheriff Don Hilton scares me.

In a constitutional republic I should not feel the need to write a persuasive plea for Sheriff Don Hilton to resign from elected office. He raised a party flag on the people’s property, desecrating the actual flag of the United States. He did this to voice his support (and likewise county sheriff department support) for a Donald Trump traveling flotilla party of hot dogs, weak water beer and rotten taste. Bad decision. Also constitutionally illegal (which means “breaking the law” in executive circles, that I assumed he was part of).

At first I heard that county sheriff jobs in New York State are elected positions, and in order to discharge a sheriff for misconduct, he or she must be impeached by the county legislature. Then I read through Article 13 of the New York Constitution:

So, unless I am missing something (and I can because I am human), we don't need impeachment where politicians play their hand in “Who Can Be the Most Corrupt Party” parlor game. The Oswego County Legislature has 25 members, 23 of which are republicans. Already these good ole boys (there are 4 women legislators) are doing their utmost to bypass the law with an invitation for the sheriff to speak his mind. How thoughtful. Yet he doesn't even apologize for misconduct, let alone breaking the ethics and laws of his office. Rather he plants himself firmly on the legislature floor to arrogantly defy the public trust.

My call to the Governor: Sheriff dissed the law, relieve the sheriff of duty. Easy peasy.

Here are the Sheriff's words:

“But let’s keep a clear-headed perspective here: I flew a political flag on taxpayers’ property, yet many of the people criticizing me for that also defend rioters who destroy taxpayers’ property! Is it a sign of people thinking reasonably when they support policies that excuse and set free those who commit criminal acts of violence and assault, while at the same time call for the termination of me and my Deputies simply for flying a flag?”

Not an argument. Non-elected people did not break the law by thinking unreasonably about anything. We don’t charge for thought crimes in the U.S. Not yet anyway. Right now I am thinking of a bunny in lace underwear.

I still am. I can think on these strange things because I am free. But if I am elected State Senator, then I must refrain from flying my Bunny in Underwear flag at the Senate office. You get it right?

I know you do. You just don't want to. Being sheriff is really cool, and in Oswego County, you get paid even when you're doing a bad job of it.

Anyway, where are the riots exactly in Oswego County? What property is being destroyed? Chipmunks are eating into my living room. Where have you been? Have you been watching FOX news on the public dime? Are you getting all mad at the state of Donald Trump’s hurt feelings? Why should you even care if I support the destruction of wall board by aggravated chipmunks? They’re not even human! And what does setting free those who commit “criminal acts of violence and assault” have to do with your false flag support for a billionaire sexual pervert and tax evader, during a drunken boat party?

Your job is to execute the law. When you break the law openly and defiantly, you become that “criminal act”.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Powder puff power corrupts like Middle School bullies. Just do our county and country a service and resign. We don’t need to see another bigot on patrol. We are weary enough by your depraved (and illegal) interpretation of the law. Spare us further comment about the state of society.

A quick shout-out to Senator Ritchie and Assemblyman Barclay.

What the Hell is wrong with you two? You call this leadership? Your silence enables a corrupt sheriff, and proves obeyance to party, rather than district, state or country. The people need you like a bad sheriff at a boat party getting paid.

Write in Ron Throop!


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