Listened in On Hearings About COVID in Nursing Homes and Elections ON COVID

Painting: “Does Senator Ritchie Want Us to Take Off Our Masks and Get Sick or Worse?” 2020. Acrylic on paper, 12 x 16"

Viewed two public hearings this week to get abreast of what future colleagues in the Senate and Assembly are up to these days. The first was about what went wrong and what can be righted in nursing homes for the fall and winter wave of the coronavirus. The second sought pathways to quickly reforming mail in voting for the upcoming election. Citizen and expert testimony. So much information to take in.

In the election reform forum, there was the ubiquitous Republican Senator with the same old tired GOP line about fears of election fraud—which has translated since the GOP (as it is presently configured) began losing informed voters quicker than dignified jobs in upstate NY. The panelists disagreed. Voter disenfranchisement dwarfs voter fraud by a mile and a half, and always has. And they had numbers to prove it.

Mail-in voting is the answer. Other states do it. Washington State has had a system implemented for years and it has excellent voter turn-out. Actually, New York consistently ranks in the nation as one of the lowest voter turn-out states.

This is the digital age. If we can buy a car or a cat toy online, then we can vote online. There are secure pathways. The Pentagon cyber codes have not yet been cracked by enemy nations, sending our satellites crashing into the moon. We can encrypt creatively to vote online in New York.

Furthermore, the post office has been respectably in business for over 200 years. It has never let me down. I trust my birthday card (with money) from Aunt Sally to arrive on time each year.

I would advocate to secure more enfranchisement for the 2020 pandemic election. Many rural and city voters will stay away from physical polling stations during a second wave of the coronavirus. Get sick, get others sick, potentially die, or kill others in order to vote for another privileged or billionaire candidate?

No thank you.

Here is a great article about the bills awaiting Governor signature or legislative action.


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