Leave Facebook and Twitter. They Do Not Deserve Us

Updated: Aug 31

Painting: “Notitleok?” 2020. Acrylic on paper, 12 x 16"

I have divorced Facebook and Twitter.

Actually, with Facebook, we’re still working through court. Zuckerberg is a robber baron psychopath, and has a lawyer army to drag out our pain for another 30 days. I must stick it out, keep my eyes on the prize, for in a month I’ll be able to maintain real friendships like I used to when I was free. Man it was so creepy how he stared at me stepping out of the shower.

I suggest you do the same to save your society, especially if you wish to continue an identity with actual living, human beings.

There are multiple millions of people exposing their fat rolls to all and sundry, as well as Zuckerberg’s mouse-eyed voyeurism. In America, a Facebook account labels you as someone prone to diarrhea cramps in the supermarket. Your cart is open to the public. Everyone can see it full of Internet ads and chip dips made in Texas. Facebook thinks you deserve intestinal distress brought about by your own self-loathing. It took that happy child inside of you and bullied its naivety to tears in an alone room.

Twitter is for wasteland tweeters like Donald Trump and Jack Dorsey, desperate carrion birds nourished darkly by the dead and decaying. Millions found a hate place to completely ignore their one lucky chance to be alive on planet earth.

We married bad men.

Facebook and Twitter are mean and nasty spouses, and it pleases me to get out of relationships that drain me of my goodness.

I am going to go for a walk in the woods.

Love is the only reason to stay married.


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