The Unbearable Heaviness of Selfish Babies

Painting: “Teenager Dreaming of Hometown Prospects in Senator Ritchie’s Tax-free Styrofoam Factory Town” 2020. Acrylic on Styrofoam, 8 x 15"

This is yesterday’s painting. But I was being colloquial naming its substrate. Styrofoam is a trademarked brand commonly known as “Blue Board” used as insulator and vapor barrier in walls, roofs and floors. Dow chemical owns it and won’t mind my blunder so much because it has already made billions in cash, millions sick, and oceans gross from its manufacture.

I painted on expanded (not extruded) polystyrene foam, commonly used in food and material packaging. It has an environmental life expectancy of over 500 years.

Symbolically this painting alludes to the present and future terror politicians inflict upon life on planet earth.

This young girl was hoping for a happy future somewhere in the 48th District. She is wearing her Dad’s old activist t-shirt and is standing beside a bleached bird. A fictitious Senator Ritchie lobbied Albany to subsidize an expanded polystyrene manufacturing plant in Gouverneur. She wanted good jobs to come to the District to trade off the good sicknesses contracted by nursing newborns. Good wage slave jobs without collective bargaining, though a new F150 to get to the chemo dose on time.

Bad politicians exist because of a bad system.

Is Senator Ritchie a bad politician?

Yes, of course.

She is a human being accepting a job that oversees and acts upon the enormously selfish and short-sightedness of her constituency. She legislates on citizen Want, not citizen Need. She chooses not to do better for the least among us, fearing the loss of high income status that comes with the cowardice of abandoning people for profit.

This makes her a bad person as well as a bad politician.

Write-in Ron Throop and I will let every single big ass truck disintegrate into rust and dust (and 10,000 year old hard plastic) rather than subsidize another devil capitalist system pissing its greed gonorrhea all over our beautiful land.

¡Viva la humanidad! ¡Viva la vida en nuestro hermoso planeta!


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