Get to Know Your Next Senator!

Here are some lighthearted videos to introduce the 48th to my "previous" day and night jobs. And then we'll get down to some serious business. Three months to Election Eve. Can we get the word out?

Who is Ron Throop? Is he on par with these other local artists?

A thank you to other painters and patrons of a recent exhibition in Oswego, NY.

Chin people video with wife and daughter. Prerequisite for senatorship.

I paint, write and keep house and home every day. Lately I study how the NY Senate works, and my future responsibilities as your Senator. This is a workshop video in the exciting life of an international painter.

Finally, a longer one, but worth it if you want to learn more about what truly makes me tick.

My family. This was a video piece to an exhibition on my patronym (male ancestors). I painted portraits of 11 generations of the Throop name in America and exhibited them in Oswego, along with this video.


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