Figuratively, Congressman John Katko (NY-24) is Senator Ritchie’s (NY-48) Dystopic Doppelganger

Senator Ritchie is not the only political obfuscator running on the regional top ballot “do nothing” Repubican ticket. However, officially, she is the only unopposed one. Here are some paintings representing John Katko’s dystopic success as a legislator for upstate NY. Share them far and wide to save our sanity this November. The paintings with “HR's” and numbers are actual votes you can look up to see what a crock of merde this guy fills in Washington. Vote Dana Balter for a near future of smiling neighbors and personal contentment. 1. “John Katko Voted With the Saudis to Murder More Babies in Yemen” 2020.

2. “Is It Just Me, or Do Others See, That, As a Moon, John Katko Has the Uncanny Resemblance to Any

Repressed Psychopath in Gilead?” 2020

3. “Exelon Corporation of Chase Tower, Chicago, IL, Bribed John Katko 20,000 Dollars” 2020

4. “It’s Mentally Exhaustive Trying to Unseat a Sociopath” 2020

5. “John Katko is Disdainful to Those Who Have Less” 2020

6. “I Think We Should Vote Out Our Racist Congresspeople” 2020

7. “Hey Parents of America, Is Your Congressperson as Weak and Ineffectual as Mine?” 2018

8. “John Katko Keeps Canaan Apartheid” 2020

9. “John Katko Forsook Lower Prescription Drug Costs For to Purchase a Harley Misogyny” 2020

10. “My Congressman’s Last Town Hall” 2018

11. “Hey Fingerlakes, Does Your Congressperson Also Deal With the Serpent of Sickness and Death” 2018.


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