Do This Vote and Win Temporary Contentment

Happy October 1st everybody! I am Ron Throop, the 48th District’s October Surprise! There are 34 more days until the Coronavirus Election is over, yet most likely not done with. The Reality TV tax evader will hold back the results as long as he can before being physically removed from the White House. Many of you are already grieving or hoping over unknown outcomes, or holding your breath, crossing your fingers and toes. I write today to tell you this is not the time to settle down, either in despair or expectation. Action is needed.

Throughout my tenure as frustrated artist, I have learned that Americans are much too polite about politics. The majority shun the expression of political opinions believing it to be obtrusive to the clan, whether it is family clan at Thanksgiving or friend clan on Facebook.

This timidity is not unfounded.

I believe our deep aversion to expressive politics is the result of effective propaganda and lack of civics education in schools. We are afraid to speak out, fearing we may not know enough. Leave it to the experts, or “Rita will think I’m a bad person if I desire a compassionate society for all and sundry”.

What? Are we to live a lifetime hoping for the best yet quietly aware of the worst, like a cow in the corral waiting for the inevitable stun gun?

My favorite web library definition of politics (there are many) is this:

(From Wikipedia): The set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations between individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status.

I hope that we are still a human group. That the powers that be have not permanently disabled our mutual need of each other’s cooperation. Do we really hold separate opinions how resources should be allocated? Should Grandma ever suffer because Grandma wasn’t a good capitalist? I know that I need the fireman and the nurse, but politically, I cannot understand why either of them think they need a Patty Ritchie, Will Barclay or John Katko. Surely all people of a wide variety of occupations, even the unemployed, the homeless and helpless sense the mounting political obfuscation from these shady grifters.

Another sad truth I have experienced time and again: Very few people can name their state’s district representatives. Those who can know nothing about their votes in Albany or Washington D.C. Yet all are deeply loyal to the ones with the “right” letter after their names—the same party, group, or clique.

We all get this. It’s political tribalism, and as stupid as high school history.

If there is a recent school shooting, and you don’t know how your representatives voted on bills protecting kids getting literally wasted at their lockers, then you’re the problem. And a dangerous one. Might I suggest expressing your heartfelt opinion next time at Thanksgiving dinner? I know that you have one. It’s been pressed down for too many years by social forces not under your control. Now is the plague year to break out and express your heart’s true desires. It might save your own son or daughter an embarrassing, leaky hole in the stomach on gym day.

I say know your vote and sing your politics!

Unfortunately of late I have had repeating spats with Zuckerburg and Dorsey, cancelling and restarting Facebook and Twitter several times. My friend and follower lists are wonderful yet light. I hope those who stick around are forgiving for the wave of political posts that are about to descend upon my social media platforms. If you feel you might agree with me about anything, please share widely with spirit and enthusiasm.

Sensitive people have never been more ready to take on the world’s problems. Let’s use our words and sing our praises. Sticks and stones break bones, but words must shame these political cowards to perpetual obscurity. My political mantra has not changed since I first heard these words many years ago by the late, great Lou Reed:

“She said ‘Some where, there’s a faraway place

where all is ordered, and all is grace

No one there is ever disgraced

And everybody there is wise

and everyone has taste.‘”

Write-in Ron Throop, vote Tosh and Balter! They are better people than takers in office. So much better. So much better. So much better.


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