Police Reform and Raises




I would deliver a bill package to Albany to codify police department reform. Police are beholden to enforce the law, yet are never to become a law unto themselves. Our recent problems with lack of accountability and militarization of police are the fault of poor leadership through lawmaking which has set up departments to use force where force is unnecessary. Likewise, police are too low paid for the high-risk work we ask them to do. One bill would be set to double police salaries without reduction in police presence. This would be an across the state mandate, affecting local town, city, county and state police departments. However, other reforms must be enacted in order to set justice back on the righteous path.

These include but are not limited to:


• End broken windows policing
• More community oversight

• Limit use of force

• Independently investigate and prosecute police misconduct and abuse of power

• Use of body cams and citizen video recordings

• More deescalation training

• End police department quotas for tickets and arrests

• De-militarize police departments


For a very good detailed overview, please refer to the Campaign Zero website.


We need to keep our communities safe and secure. It is the people who decide how this should be carried out.

Write-in Ron Throop

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