New York Schools

Teachers are underpaid and overworked. Over the last two decades, New York has weakened its tier systems for teacher's retirement packages. I would advocate to “sweeten the pot” for our future K-12 educators. Now that many families have experienced the responsibility of home education, we can end our pandering to far right talking points. Teachers are not the enemy. They're the second tier to loving your precious darlings. Pay them accordingly.

I shall introduce a bill for a minimum starting teacher salary of $70,000/year.

And a bill that offers free tuition to SUNY master's programs for teachers of
K - 12. 

And a bill to require all new public employees to live in the town, city, or county (TBD) where they will be employed. This will ensure equal tax revenues per capita from the public employees sector. We need to maximize and equalize funding for New York Schools.

Much more to come if elected. Education reform is one of my passions.

Write-in Ron Throop

- for State Senator -

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