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I have been studying Senator Ritchie’s voting record.


890 Bills were signed into law during the 2019 - 2020 year. As I understand the process, the vast majority of these new laws have to do with the workings of individual districts. For instance, Senator Ritchie proposed a Bill to authorize the town of Dekalb to reduce the maximum speed limit on portions of Route 11. That Bill has passed the Senate and awaits passage in the Assembly, and then signature from the Governor.

Not very exciting, but necessary to get the little things done that receive limited, if any, public attention.

As Senator I would continue the busy work with District municipalities, just like Senator Ritchie. Who doesn’t want safety on the highways?

However, the Senator and I differ profoundly on the “big” issues—those that effect the whole state. Studying her voting record over the past year, I find I would vote her opposite 90% of the time.


This is the #1 reason why I  am running for State Senator as a write-in candidate.

We deserve a choice in the 48th District. Below are some of the issues I am passionate about. Over the summer I will tweak and add to the page, especially as I become more versed in the ways of the Senate.

Write-in Ron Throop

- for State Senator -

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