Exponential Strategy

If exponential doubling of promised votes occurs each day, we'll have 1,048,576 votes 20 days from now. Since there are only 300,000 people in the 48th District, I think we are poised for a landslide.

Here's how it works:


• Print out reminders (below) to give to friends and family to put in their wallets and purses.


• Tell two loyal friends about my write-in option. Give them each two reminders.

• Have them promise to tell two of their friends, with accompanying reminder cut-outs

• Landslide on November 3!

• The key is to remember this is a write-in option. Patty Ritchie is running unopposed for the fourth time in a row. If this doesn't make trusted friend and family members as bitter as you, then let's seek new friends and families and make a better world!


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