Climate Change

This year alone, the global reaction to the coronavirus is responsible for a 17% reduction in carbon emissions. Let's put on our biodegradable paper thinking hats and regulate against the bottom line. Too many shampoos on the shelf. Too many jet skis in the harbor.

My first climate bill would be to place an “out-of-district” tax on all national and international retail business in NY. Their presence dampens efforts and discourages entrepreneurship on a local level. If Walmart and KFC choose to pay the tax and continue to push their salty, plastic heroin on the populace, then we'll wait a year and triple the tax. Three Dunkin' Donuts in Oswego. Three! If you're able to afford that much price-jacked coffee every week, then you're over-employed and part of the problem. Check your addictions. Or at least shop local and find the barista who knows your name.

Write-in Ron Throop

- for State Senator -

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