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Well, here we go again. 48th district NY State Senator Patty Ritchie is running UNOPPOSED this year. COVID has made door-to-door signature gathering impossible to do safely, so I have decided to run for the office as a write-in candidate.

I believe it is unconscionable to have only one choice on the ballot for State Senator. Senator Ritchie and the Republican party most often do not represent my interests. She may be on the right side of flooded camps along the shoreline, but the wrong side when equal justice is at issue. As a citizen of the 48th district (which is gerrymandered enormous), I feel it is my duty to offer my time and person to represent ALL the people. I want their good health and happiness, from the least wealthy among us, to those who are fortunate to have two car payments and sometimes a garage.

Please share my candidacy far and wide. I have no voice besides yours. It has always been a mystery to me why the Democratic Party does not invest in our needs, disenfranchising thousands of citizens from West Massena to Hannibal, down to Phoenix and over to Williamstown. In 2020 there is no opposing candidate in NY-48. Why? “Doomed to lose” is not a very good argument. I want my vote to say something. So, I guess I’ll have to vote for me.

I hope you do too.

Over the next couple months I will post information, essays, pleas and paintings hoping to earn your write-in vote this November.

Here is the first promise I know I can keep. I will donate my salary ($110,000/year) to  secular non-profits voted on by the constituency. If I am re-elected for a second term, I will take the standard salary.

Thank you! And spread the word. Everyone knows SOMEBODY in Watertown or Ogdensburg. Let ’em know me!


Ron Throop. Low syllable count. Easy name to remember.

Thank you!


A People’s Vote in the Senate

I don’t know who you know. But those whom I know, know that Senator Ritchie doesn’t care to know what they know, and votes in the Senate chamber like a Tea party Senator from Sleepytown, Tennessee. Fine for the Tea Party. Bad for the rest of us, who are in the majority. Three votes in a row during the COVID crisis are very telling of her non-commitment to the people of the 48th. On Senate Bill 8192 she voiced a “Nay” vote to extend eviction protections for tenants during the emergency shutdown. She also voted not to repeal the state’s anti-mask law (S 8415). During a pandemic! And in March, 2020, she voted “No” on a bill to amend criminal justice laws and regulations, including procedures for the seizure of firearms in response to family violence offenses.

So what is it going to be? A healthy, content, and secure society, or a newly evicted, unmasked homeless contingent spreading coronavirus while searching for a new domicile and domestic arrangement to commit gun violence in? I believe Ritchie’s recent votes are Donald Trump votes. She is beholden to his base, representing one side of the contemporary polarization of politics spread wide by cable TV and social media. I believe she implements national TV politics on the local level. Not at all representative of the reality we live in.

Before every vote I will take time to study and research its implications. I promise to represent the 48th to the best of my ability. I desire a healthy, content, and secure society. So do you. Let’s write-in Ron Throop!

I Am Overqualified. So Are You.

Requirements to hold office from New York State Constitution:

• Age 18 years or older

• Resident of state for 5 years and resident of district for 12 months immediately preceding election. (In a redistricting year, may be a resident of county for 12 months immediately preceding the election.)

I am a United States citizen. I am over 18 years old. I have been a resident of New York State for 53 years, and have lived in the 48th District for over 12 months (35 years).
That's it. That's my resume.
Now for the stuff that can't be asked on a job application.
On average I drink two alcoholic beverages per week. Four when a friend comes over to play guitar. I don't smoke pot, but would like to, and I take medication for hypertension. I think I might be hypoglycemic.
I love my daughters and two granddaughters. We have one cat in the house and our goldfish passed away on July 20. 
Reading bills, discussing their pitfalls and attributes, and voting on them would be rocket science if we were traveling on a probe to Mars.
We are not.
The 48th District is our home and any one of us is qualified to keep house on spaceship earth.

I ran in 2018 and lost by a few (hundred thousand) votes:

Write-in Ron Throop

- for State Senator -

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